A Survival Guide For Hollywood's Poorly Paid Assistants

Starting tomorrow, assistants toiling away inside of the tumultuous WME talent agency will be dealt a 25-30 percent drop in their salaries. So how will Hollywood's well- dressed underclass survive on their food-service wages? Here are some friendly tips! » 7/31/09 9:14pm 7/31/09 9:14pm

Simon Cowell Wants to Be Your Dog

Leave it to the brutualizing 1980's to put Simon Cowell on the receiving end of pity. Here he is in 1982 dressed as a plushie costumed canine named 'Wonderdog' appearing on Britain's Top of the Pops. » 7/31/09 3:20pm 7/31/09 3:20pm

Michael Cera and Charlyne Yi Break-Up. Publicity Stunt or Just…

Michael Cera has dumped long-time girlfriend Charlyne Yi. At least that's what a source tells Star Magazine now that Cera is "superfamous" he's "itching to date other people." Here's how we cope. » 7/31/09 3:00pm 7/31/09 3:00pm

Everything Un-Ravaged, Everthing Un-Burned in Hollywood

Three picture deals, reunions, prequels, and the secret ingredient to box office success have all been revealed! Like a fresh patch of skin that emerges after a viscous sunburn, this last week of July has some rejuvenating news from Hollywood. » 7/31/09 12:58pm 7/31/09 12:58pm

What Do You Think about The Fantastic Mr. Fox Trailer?

Oh, Wes Anderson! It looked as though you squandered your immense talent with a spate of insufferably quirky, predictable, awkward young man flicks. Could a stop-motion kids' film bring you out of your self-parodying slump? » 7/30/09 5:13pm 7/30/09 5:13pm

Roseanne Barr Channels Her Reincarnated Soul in Hitler Photo Spread

Roseanne asked to be dressed like Hitler in a photo spread for hipster Jewish mag Heeb. Roseanne believes she's the reincarnated soul of the genocidal dictator. Heeb asks: is Roseanne "the last celebrity utterly incapable of giving a fuck"? » 7/30/09 4:48pm 7/30/09 4:48pm

How Dare You Not Be Charmed By Judd Apatow's Publicity Tour?!

In the waning days of his publicity blitz, Judd Apatow is blogging over at MTV in some kind of meta 'comedians-are- sensitive-beings-who-have-Google-alerts-and-read-them' promotion for Funny People. It's quite enjoyable! » 7/30/09 3:09pm 7/30/09 3:09pm

Hollywood's Sleepy Eyed Men Ruin Everything!

Paul Giamatti ruined Twilight. Director Paul Haggis inexplicably continues to get work. The Watchmen ruins Nic Cage's DVD's dominance. Howard Zinn ruins Matt Damon or vice-versa. » 7/30/09 1:38pm 7/30/09 1:38pm

Mel Gibson Can't Be Blamed for Every Ripped T-Shirt in Hollywood

You thought you'd go your whole day without some belligerent Mel Gibson news? Never! At a nightclub, with his pregnant girlfriend last night, Gibson got into a kerfuffle with a "pushy report". Then a T-shirt got ripped. » 7/30/09 12:26pm 7/30/09 12:26pm

Awful Looking Nic Cage Remake May Find an Audience After All!

Remember how you emailed a friend that trailer for some failed movie? One that by all appearances looked like a total misfire and couldn't get a distributor? Even though thespian powerhouse Nic Cage was the lead? Remember how you laughed? » 7/29/09 8:50pm 7/29/09 8:50pm

Arnold Schwarzenegger Ensures Cinematic Treasures Will Be Made in…

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced the first 25 films to receive California's new production tax incentives. Some titles include: Beverly Hill Chihuahua 2, Naked Gun 4 and Dinner for Schmucks and Comedy Central's TV show Important Things With Demetri Martin. » 7/29/09 5:31pm 7/29/09 5:31pm

The Year of Awkward Young Men

Leading men are dead. Who are the symbols of movie male virility in 2009? Gentle, sensitive, geeky male outsiders with a love of Lou Reed and snug hoodies! It's time to sack up and throw away the sweater vest. » 7/29/09 4:43pm 7/29/09 4:43pm

ABC Family's Greek: Just the (Many) Gay Parts

Who knew ABC Family was chasing the Logo audience. Witness their college frat house soap opera Greek, which, as this clip reel demonstrates, may just be the gayest show on television this side of Bromance. » 7/29/09 1:01pm 7/29/09 1:01pm

Studios Marketers Are Defenseless Against Twitter, They Squeal

The latest creation in the Ass-Covering Studio Excuses R&D Dept. is the "Twitter Effect." Movies aren't making money, you see, because too many people are learning, 140 characters at a time, how bad they are. » 7/21/09 6:29pm 7/21/09 6:29pm

Embargo on Saying Mean Things about Tyler Perry Ends Now

We don't care how many free Disneyland trips you hand out, Tyler Perry! Your newest flick I Can Do Bad All By Myself, appears to be another brick in the towering wall of suck you've built. » 7/21/09 6:02pm 7/21/09 6:02pm